The Key Difference between TikTok & Instagram
8 months ago

Facebook was quite in demand a couple of years back. Instagram entered the scene and changed everything. The personalized posts and ease of sharing photographs with loved ones made Instagram a big hit among the youth.

Instagram is quite addictive - there's no doubt about that. However, the Chinese application, TikTok, entered the scene and the youth jumped inside their creative wagon.

If you are new to both Instagram and TikTok or don't have much idea about the latter, we are here to point out the key differences between the two.

Let's begin!

Instagram Vs TikTok: Who wins?

For starters, there is no battle here. TikTok and Instagram are two different platforms. Both the platforms have their share of pros (and cons).

Let's start with Instagram.

What's so special about Instagram?

 It is an application that works like Facebook, but it is a much more private space where you can share photographs and videos with your loved ones. There is a new feature called IGTV through which you can post longer videos.

The application gives you the freedom to showcase your life to your followers (friends, family, fans). There is a direct message feature that allows you to send messages to your friends/family/celebrities/brands.

TikTok - Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

TikTok is not a social media platform. It is a Chinese application that allows you to entertain the audience with quirky, fun, boring, mundane, and informative videos. You can pick any movie song, dialogue, or sounds and make a video on it. All you have to do is lip-sync.

These are short 15-second videos that entertain the crowd. The library of movie songs and audio clips is vast! You can choose from a variety of songs and dialogues. These can be funny, emotional, depressive, happy, or romantic. The choice is yours! It all depends on how you wish to entertain the audience.

By using hashtags and search engines, you can search for videos on TikTok. It allows you to meet people around the globe.

The Monetary Advantages of TikTok

When you open Instagram, it is easy to skip ads that appear in stories and news feeds. The brands that are showcasing their ads on Instagram needs your undivided attention. But, Instagram is a great platform to share your work, photographs, lifestyle, and services.

Now, let's shift our focus. TikTok generates tons of revenue via in-app purchases. You can buy emojis and digital gifts to send to your favorite TikTok star. Plus, video ads are playing from time to time.

So, there is a big monetary advantage here.

But, TikTok will never replace Instagram because both the platforms are different from each other. TikTok is not meant for everyone. You might like to share photographs on Instagram, but making TikTok videos is not everyone's cup of tea. TikTok is much more popular among the youth, whereas Instagram caters to all (regardless of your age).

Concluding Thoughts

TikTok has seen massive growth in the number of users. Celebrities are using it to showcase their work to their fans. Moreover, the filters and range of audio clips and dialogues make it interesting and fun.

There are struggling singers, actors, comedians, and other talented people who want the world to see their skill. Hence, TikTok is a good platform to reach out to millions of people. But, Instagram is not far behind. Influencers can reach out to the masses, and they are making a difference.

So, the TikTok and Instagram flu may not fizzle out for many more years. It is a possibility that new social applications will enter the scene, but these two platforms are great for socialization.

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