The Best Snapchat Tips for 2020
8 months ago

Snapchat is an ideal app to connect to other people, whether they’re real-life friends or complete strangers. Over the past few years, the app has grown from a basic photo app to a social media platform in which people can create stories, send private messages, and flirt with each other. To make your Snapchat experience worthwhile, we put down the eight most important tips for 2020.

1.   Add up to three filters in one picture

This tip requires both your hands, so keep your hands free. When you’ve taken a picture, you can swipe left to pick a filter you like. Once you’ve found one, use your thumb or other fingers to hold the filter in place. Then, you can use your free hand to swipe through the other filters. If you’ve found another one you like, quickly lift your finger from the screen and tap down. Now you have two filters in place. For the third filter, you simply repeat the process as you swipe left.

If you’re unhappy with the way the combination turned out, you can swipe right to undo all the filters and start again.

2.   Add your favorite song to your snaps

If you want music to play during a snap-video, all you have to do is to access any music app on your phone, pick a song, and open Snapchat back up again to record your video. It adds just a bit of flair to your videos and makes them more interesting to watch.

3.   Hide your private snaps

Snapchat saves your photos to your saved files in Snapchat, and sometimes even in your camera roll. If you like to send revealing pictures or don’t want your snaps to appear in your camera roll, you can access the ‘memory’ tab on Snapchat and activate the ‘for your eyes only’ function. This allows you to add any photo of your choice towards a locked folder which you can open with a code.

4.   Use more colors

Snapchat has a standard color bar to pick colors from for your drawings and text. However, you can quickly gain access to more colors by swiping left from the color bar and moving your finger up or down. These directions give you different tones and hues to add to your snaps.

5.   Send messages from your camera roll

When you’re eager to send a picture to someone, but not feeling well enough actually to take a picture, you can use one from your camera roll. Doing this, you can still use filters and captions, but you won’t have to go all-out to take a new, intriguing picture. This is especially helpful when you’re Snapchat sexting as you’re laying in your pajamas, the receiver won’t know that you’re wearing a onesie rather than the cute outfit you just send them.

6.   Number your faves

Sometimes you spend too long scrolling through your feed to find the right person to send a snap to. However, it’s possible to edit the names of your friends in Snapchat. Make a list of the Snapchat usernames of people you send snaps to the most often and add a ‘0’ in front of their snap username. Then, make a list of people you sometimes send snaps to, but not too often. Label them with a ‘1’, and so forth. This will make it easier to find the right people and to prevent sending wrong pictures to others.

7.   Create frames

How cute would your picture look with a colored frame around your head? The answer is: super cute! Lucky for you, it’s not all that hard to add a frame to your pictures. Simply take a nice picture and open up the ‘T’ icon and create a one-letter caption using the O or the A. Then, set it to the maximum size and move the letter around so that your head is right in the middle of the frame. You can color the letter using the color bar, but you can also keep it the default color.

8.   Move your emoji’s in your videos

Film a short video in which there appears movement (this can be a person or an object). Once you’ve got the right recording, open up the emoji tab and pick one that you like. Resize the emoji, then tap and drag it towards the person or object you want to cover. Hold the emoji there for a few seconds, and the emoji should follow the object as soon as the video starts playing again.


Now you’ve learned the premium Snapchat tips for 2020. Use them to impress your friends, flirt with people online, or to create the most beautiful pictures and videos. Now it’s time to have some fun! Good luck!

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