The Best Kik Tips for 2020
8 months ago

Kik has existed for quite some time, and in 2019 there was even a small period in which there were rumors about Kik shutting down. However, it’s 2020, and we’ve survived! Kik is an ideal app for sexting, texting, and meeting strangers online. It’s more private than WhatsApp and starts deleting old messages after 100+ texts. Today, we’ve collected a few tips for you to make your time on Kik worthwhile in 2020.

1.   Prevent the “read” notification

Kik has a great feature: you can use the app on your desktop as well as on your phone. However, the desktop app has one significant pro. You can work around the “read” notification signals. All you have to do is to turn on your push-notifications. Then, whenever you receive a message, you’ll instantly read its contents without physically being in the app. The notifications won’t appear for long, but you’ll get the chance to decide whether you want to reply instantly or not.

2.   Check whether someone is real or not

Sometimes you’ll think you’re talking to a cute girl, and they turn out to be a hairy old man. In instances like this, you can quickly check whether or not someone is who they say they are by checking their profile picture. The web app TinEye helps you to trace back images to their source. If the person behind their profile picture is who they say they are, you won’t be able to find a thing. However, if this person isn’t who they say they are, they will probably have picked a random photo from the internet. TinEye can find that image and its source for you.

You can also work differently with TinEye. If you like sending nudes or erotic pictures when sexting on Kik, there is always a tiny chance that this other person shares them online. Using TinEye, you can trace your image, and if it appears anywhere on the internet, you can ask the website and Google to remove it. Of course, we always recommend you send pictures to people you can trust 100%, but we don’t make the rules.

3.   Stay (partly) anonymous

Want to chat with strangers, but without making your identity known to them? In the settings menu, you can change your name to something you like. In the field in which you have to add your last name, you can simply put a “- “mark, and it will accept it as an actual name.

4.   Save your messages before logging off

When you log off from Kik, all your messages are automatically deleted by the application. However, if you want to preserve those messages, you can do so quite easily. First of all, you need to copy all the text you want to keep. Since Kik only saves the last 100 texts you send, it’s easy to make a selection of just those 100. Then, you can paste the texts in any other app, like Evernote, your Notebook, or Google Docs. If you save the file and don’t accidentally end up deleting it, your messages will remain until you choose to replace or remove them.

5.   Create new looks

Unlike other social apps, Kik allows you to customize your messaging interface. In the ‘chat settings,’ you can change the colors of the messaging bubbles, enable media content to be automatically downloaded, and you can turn the ‘send by the enter key’ function on or off. This makes chatting with your Kik friends even better!

6.   Meet new people

Since Kik has started using groups, there are plenty of new people you can meet! As soon as you find a group, you can ask to join or be invited. You may not know everyone in there, but that makes it even better! You can all get to know other Kik users in the safe space of the group and without any requirements. Then, when you like talking to a specific person, you can send them a private message and go further from there.

Many people share their Kik profile on their social media accounts. If you use Tumblr, for example, you can search for the tag “Kik usernames” and add people who openly published their names. It increases the social aspect of the app and helps people from all over the world to meet online.

7.   Chat with brands

Some brands like MTV use Kik messenger to talk to their fans. If a brand you enjoy uses this application, you can send them a question, a compliment, or just about anything else you like.



Kik is a very open platform, so why don’t you make use of that? As always, never share personal information with people you don’t know. Other than that, have fun, make friends, flirt away, and have a happy 2020!

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