The Best Apps to Flirt Online
8 months ago

Whether you’re looking to find someone to flirt with, or you’re actively seeking a hookup, relationship, or casual friends with benefits, dating apps are the way to go. However, there are plenty of non-dating apps on which you can find people to flirt with. The premise of those apps is that they provide communication ways to people everywhere around the world. That way, you can meet with strangers in the safety of your own home. Now, you can also flirt with them. Here are some of the most popular apps to flirt online.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger (also known as Kik) is a free instant messaging app that uses wi-fi to send and receive messages, photos, videos, links, stickers, emoji’s, and more.  The feature that makes Kik so popular is that it promotes anonymity. When you register, you don’t need to fill in your phone number. You can simply choose any name you want, take a picture, and you have a complete profile. Due to its anonymity, you can easily find another Kik user to chat with without them ever knowing who is behind the screen. This feature makes it a perfect app to flirt with others as there are (often) no repercussions at all.


If you’d rather flirt by sending photos and videos than text messages, Snapchat is the ideal app for you! Snapchat is officially a multimedia messaging app, but its main purpose is to send pictures and videos of yourself and your surroundings to your friends and followers. The main feature of this app is that it automatically deletes pictures after a set number of seconds. You can also choose to publish a story; this video or picture will then be available for your friends for 24h long. What makes Snapchat sexting perfect for flirting is its wide range of filters and effects to add to your photos. You can add in flirty emoji’s, cover up sexual content with suggestive stickers, and your picture will automatically be deleted after a few seconds. If the receiver happens to take a screenshot, you’ll get a notification instantly.


Tumblr started as a website but has a great functioning app too. It’s officially a microblogging app, in which people can create their own blogs and fill them with whatever content they like. However, the app (and website) also has a well-functioning chat in which people can get to know each other in private. Like Kik, Tumblr doesn’t require any phone number when you register, making it an anonymous platform. There are plenty of people who do choose to show their real name and face, but it’s certainly not mandatory.

Tumblr used to have a massive database with erotic and pornographic content, which made it even easier to flirt with like-minded people. Since 2018, they unfortunately banned this type of content. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the app anymore.

To find people to flirt with, you can simply search for a romantic, erotic, or flirty tag in the search bar and find people looking to chat with others. Send them a message with the help of our flirting guide and you’re ready to go!


Like Tumblr, Twitter is also a microblogging app. However, Twitter has no ban on sexual suggestive content. Therefore, it’s a big host of sex-workers, exhibitionists, and people enjoying themselves and their body. When you tweet something, it’s often instantly public. However, you can send private messages to others, or you can even lock your account so that your content is only visible to your followers. Functions like this make Twitter an ideal playground to flirt away!

Simply find someone you like that’s looking for flirty conversations and send them a PM (personal message).


This is a lesser-known app, but ideal for flirting with others. The premise of Vent is that people can anonymously post their vents throughout the day. Others can show their support, comment, and react to those posts. There are many people on Vent that use the app as a way to vent their sexual fantasies. Since you can also send private messages to one another, this is a great way to flirt with people in an anonymous space.


Flirting online is a thrilling thought to many as you don’t have to worry about your looks and your expressions. The anonymity of the internet also makes it a more attractive activity to do since there are little to no repercussions if you flirt with the wrong person. You may get blocked, but there are plenty of others willing to flirt with you. Still, it’s important to make sure you’re safe when flirting online. Never share personal information or revealing pictures to people you can’t trust. And if you do, make sure your face is not recognizable.

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