The Art of Introducing Yourself on Online Dating Sites
8 months ago

'The first impression IS the last impression.'


Thanks to the online dating world, individuals have more control over how they wish to present themselves. In the real world (face-to-face), you may fumble or don't have accessibility to a script, but you can appealingly introduce yourself in the online dating world. 


Say hello to the online dating world where everyone has the power to control how the world sees you. Put a filter on your photograph and use some fun lines to introduce yourself. But, some newbies are not aware of the art of introducing themselves on these sites. 


Let's take the example of Tinder, SnapChat, or TikTok. You have the power to put your most attractive pictures on these apps. Use a filter, and write a few lines about you. It could be quirky, nerdy, fun, or boring. You are putting a piece of you out there, but you have full control over what people see. 


Here's a quick post that talks about the coolest introductions that you can use to impress the opposite/same sex. 


Take It Slow 

If you want to come across as a kind-hearted and thoughtful soul, use the following example: 


Hello ____

I was skimming through your profile and I was thrilled to read about your hobbies and interest in soccer. I follow soccer closely and was happy to see that we both share the same interest! 

By the way, I loved reading your interesting profile. Moreover, you look beautiful/handsome in your photos. If you find the time, do send me a message so that we can become buddies and talk about soccer all day. 


Wishing you a fantastic day and looking forward to hearing from you. 


Now, your interest will be pleased to see this message in their inbox/messages. The opposite sex looks for people with similar interests (in most cases). Also, it would help if you did not come across as a desperate or needy person. So, this introduction is sweet and it showcases your good intent. 


Use Your Newbie Charm


So, we have another example for you. How do you grab the attention of the opposite/same sex? Here's an example:


Hey ____


I just wanted you to know that this is my very first experience with online dating. I'm glad that I joined and saw your gorgeous profile. How would I ever come to know of you? My name is ____, and I'm a _____ (your profession). My job's not as interesting as you, so I would like to take the opportunity to know you better. Your interests and the list of movies you like are my favorite too. Perhaps we can discuss movies, actors, and our interests. 


I'm waiting to hear from you. 


Once again, the message is not very needy or desperate. You are thrilled to read their profile, and they have common interests too. There is no harm in approaching the opposite/same sex for a little chit-chat. 


Additional Tips for Readers


Whenever you join an online dating app or site, make sure you are confident. Never tell your sob story or be overly frank with your interest. Some people get turned off by needy and depressed people. 


Whether it is a woman or a man, be kind and respectful. The online dating world allows all kinds of people, but some of them take advantage of it. Not everyone is looking for a booty call, so take things slow and never disrespect the interest. 


Lastly, don't brag about yourself. The purpose is to attract them to you. Women or men don't like it when you are full of yourself. Pick something from their profile and talk about it. Sometimes, you might find a common interest between you and your interest. 


So, grab this opportunity and use the most humble and sweet introduction. Starting a conversation in the dating world is not complicated. The real task is to continue the conversation and win your interest's heart. 

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