Social media providing relief to sexual frustration
8 months ago

Phones and PC’s are so common today that a majority of adults carry more than one mobile phone. And what they most use on it is social media. Some people use it to gather information about what is happening around but trust me not everyone does that.

Sexting has become a popular activity among adults which is obvious due to their sexual frustration. Kik Sexting is gathering fame along with other applications. Kik is just like any other messaging application but there is more to it. It not only allows you to chat with other people, but it also allows you to share pictures, videos, sound messages, and video chat. Kik has almost 300 million users and does they all chat with their families and friends only? Nah!

Kik sexting has become popular among the adults because they can chat with anyone belonging to any age group just by searching their username. While we are talking about usernames, adults are relying on Kik sexting because to sign up on Kik you don’t need any contact number and it is changeable. Like if you don’t like your username you can change it anytime with a quick response. Isn’t it a cool feature!

It is so easy to download Kik application because it for free for both android and Iphone. And it is easier to connect to different people who you are looking for. Young kids who cannot release their sexual frustration anywhere else, satisfy themselves by Kik sexting.

Another reason for Kik sexting is that you can do a video chat. Imagine you can see your consented person live instead of just imagining the situation on text messages. There is an option to block the person you don’t want to chat with anymore or just don’t like them for any obvious reason. Everybody needs privacy in their life and Kik sexting is a safe option because every type of data that you have shared is just on the cell phones, the company doesn’t have any access to your data. It quite an interesting fact and I guess it is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

There is a website,; it allows you to find users of 10 different applications all around the globe. See, that is how social media has played a vital role in bringing the people together, users from 10 applications are just a tap away. I used this website to find people to talk to them and try to know their hobbies and lifestyles etc. This a genuine website free from scammers and also you filter the type of person you want to connect with. So this is not only dating or sexting, you can have some real friends too. It is easy to use and everything about the user of the application is specified in it.

It is a fact that Kik was originally made for people to connect to their family and friends but you know how people use social media platforms. Parents should keep a check on their children in order to keep them safe and if they don’t do that it likely possible the kid will misuse the social media platforms. It is essential to talk to them and tell them about the consequences they could face because of sexting. Share any sexting news with your kids to give them real-life examples of the consequences. The more open you talk to your kid, the more they are going to understand. Tell them not to feel any peer pressure and always say no to sexting.

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