Snapchat and Snapchat Sexting
8 months ago

Snapchat has risen to become one of the most popular messaging applications in recent times. The app allows its users to exchange videos, pictures, and texts (also referred to as snap). These snaps are designed to disappear once they are viewed. It is regarded as the new form of a camera because it is equipped with functionalities that have been attributed to a camera. It comes with functions such as take a video or picture, adding lenses, and filters, among other effects. Afterward, it allows the user to share those items with other Snapchat users.

How Snapchat works

To register on Snapchat, one is required to key in their date of birth, email address, and name. Snapchat assigns the users with handles referred to as Snapchat usernames, which is used to identify them. Users cannot change the assigned Snapchat username due to security reasons. However, if the user is not contented with the assigned username, they can delete their current account and sign up with other details because it will come with a different username.

The app offers users different ways of adding friends with one being uploading their contacts or searching for people they may know. Another way is by scanning another user’s QR code referred to as a Snapcode. The QR code is special to each user, such that when one scans it, it automatically adds them to the friends' list.

Unlike other messaging apps, on Snapchat, to start a conversation, one must send a photo(s) rather than a text message. The user takes a snap by simply tapping the huge camera circle. Furthermore, the Snapchat app provides numerous photo editing tools that allow the user to customize the snap to suit their requirements. Once the user is done with customizing the image, they can then share it with their friends from the list or append them to their story. In doing so, the friends can view it for up to 24 hours before it disappears.  Besides, Snapchat, like most other social media platforms, provides functions such as group stories and group texting, whereby everyone in the group can contribute. 

Snapchat comes with a snap map that displays the user's location in real-time. That being the case, the user's Snapchat friends can see where he or she is, and also, if they have turned it on, then the user is also able to see their location. As a result, it poses a risk because some of the contacts may not be actual friends. Therefore, it is advisable to either turn off the snap map feature or use the app in Ghost Mode- a feature that enables one to see others on the map, but he or she is invisible to others.

Snapchat sexting

Snapchat is no longer an application for teenagers alone because it allows for the sharing of erotic content too. Snapchat sexting is whereby the Snapchat users share sexts in the form of chats, images, or videos. For chats, the user typically types the sext content they wish to express to the recipient and then sends it. For pictures, the user takes a photo of himself or herself, then edits it to suit their needs and then sends it to the recipient. Also, one can upload already saved pictures.  Another way of sexting on Snapchat is through live chat, whereby when both Snapchat users are online, they can video chat. If the user is tired of holding the blue button, then they can lock the live chat by dragging the icon of themselves to the sign of the lock.  Here is a guide to Snapchat sexting:

  • Selecting the recipient of the sext from the list of Snapchat friends.
  • Sending them an introductory message perhaps to ‘set the mood’.
  • Upon reaching a mutual agreement, then they can begin sexting. Mutual consent is essential because it's not cool to send a sext to someone who has not expressed interest in it.

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