Parental Guide For Kik
8 months ago

Kik is a newly emerged favorite social messaging app among teenagers. Initiated with the purpose of enabling messaging and contacting ease for people, the app has become a hub of notoriety, which is unfortunate. However, since the app is a growing favorite, it is important for the parents to keep a check on their teens who use the Kik app.

The adults also prefer using the Kik app for their contact with their loved ones since the app is an efficient tool to chat, send media like pictures or videos, take part in various groups, and play games and have fun. The reason behind this application becoming so famous is that you can use it by staying totally anonymous since it allows you to choose a Kik username of your choice. The social application is linked to only the Kik username and does not require the users to include any phone number, unlike other social apps like Whatsapp.

However, to keep a check on teens’ activities, parents can guide their children regarding the profile that they set up at Kik. Since the only thing that connects people on Kik is their Kik Username, it must be chosen carefully.

Parents should discourage their children from keeping their original names as the Kik username. In fact, the username should not even resemble their original names, for example, if your teen’s name is Alex, it is better to avoid keeping Lexy213 or Alex124 as the Kik username. Moreover, avoid your teen from keeping their last name as the Kik username. This is important, as keeping anonymous on Kik is better than displaying your original information.

Parents should guide their children to be cautious when joining any public group on Kik and also they should not advertise themselves among the Kik users. This is because joining different groups reveals your username to all the members of the group and it encourages the predators to approach through messages.

There is also a Kik display name in addition to the Kik username that the user needs to set. Like the Kik username, refrain from keeping your original name on the Kik display name too.

However, the growing notoriety should not be a hurdle for the users who genuinely want to connect and enjoy the application in a healthy manner since the application can give the users a good entertainment time. For this, the application offers an option of adding a phone number along with a Kik username. Although it is completely optional for the user you can add it to find Kik users that also exist in your contacts list. This way it becomes easier to find your friends on Kik.

Another convenient and better approach to finding your friends on Kik is through the Socialfinder app. The Socialfinder app allows you to find your friends using their Kik username in an instant manner and get started with chatting and sharing. You can also enter your Kik username on the Socialfinder application so that Kik Users can find you easily and connect with you.

Other features that the parents can guide their teens about is the chatting feature available on Kik and the display picture that a user keeps. The New Chats feature available on Kik filters messages from people that your kid hasn’t chatted with before. Filtering out the new messages, the content of the messages is also blurred by the application unless the user chooses to respond. There is also an option of deleting the messages available for the user to delete the messages that they don’t like keeping. Parents should also guide their teens about the blocking and reporting feature where they can report about someone if there is something unacceptable going on.

Teens can select appropriate display pictures for their profiles and parents can keep a check on the profile that their teens establish.

We hope that this guide proves to be beneficial for the parents as well as the users of the Kik app who want to utilize the application for contact and entertainment purposes.

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