Online Dating For Introverts: The Ultimate Guide
8 months ago

The online dating world is a blissful place for introverts. It has given you a platform to speak to a beautiful girl (or a boy) without getting anxious or scared. Nobody cares to bully you, and it also boosts the hidden confidence inside of you. 


Speaking of hidden confidence, TikTok has helped people to come out of their shells. You can now showcase your hidden talent and meet like-minded people via this application. 


If you are single - and an introvert - the online dating world is perfect for you. You don't have to go to crowded parties or wear something impressive to get attention from the man/woman you like. There is another reason why we recommend it to introverts. They tend to have fewer relationships as compared to an extrovert. Perhaps you will find love on the platform! 


The question is - How do you get started? Here's a quick guide that gives you all the information on 'online dating for introverts.' Let's cut to the chase! 


Find the Right Platform 

There are many dating apps and websites that allow you to get connected with interesting people. Snapchat and Tinder are some cool ways to find like-minded and fun people near you. 


Choosing the right platform to 'find a date' can make a difference. You can check the reviews of the app/website. Moreover, you can always try different platforms before deciding which one is good for you! Lastly, not every platform would suit you. Perhaps application/website A is good for finding older people in your area. Application/website B might be good for a crowd looking for a booty call! So, try it out and then see what fits the 'bill.' 


Use a Well-Lit Photograph 


We remember those days when men and women would put a celebrity's photograph to grab attention. The current generation believes in 'being comfortable in your skin.' Use a well-lit photo that showcases your best features. 


The majority of the introverts have a misconception that they are not good enough. How do you know that? Put on your real picture, and see the number of responses. You can use a picture that highlights your interest as well. Use a picture that showcases your interest in a hobby or passion. 


No More Long Descriptions, please.


Why do you want to write a long description about yourself? Write something short and crisp to grab the attention of the opposite/same sex. 


A dating app description has to be precise. No matter how much you try to capture the personality through a description, it is not possible. 


Make the First Move 


What are you waiting for? Don't wait for people to make the first move. We understand that you are an introvert, but this is the digital world. Nobody is judging you nobody can see you. 


If you found an interesting profile, send a message immediately. Don't wait for several days. The chances are that their message box might be full. Your message will get lost in the box! 

Girls tend to think that a man should approach her. Things have changed in recent times. Girls are making the first move, and it usually works well. 


Listen Before You Speak


Everyone wants a partner who listens to them. So, even though you are not meeting 'in person,' you can still flaunt your listening skills. 


Ask them about their interests and what they did during the weekend. This shows your thoughtful side! Your genuine curiosity will be alluring to the opposite sex. 


Planning the First Ever Date


If you meet someone online, it is a possibility that you might just meet them in real. Instead of going for a candle-light date or a coffee, plan out something fun. 


Ask them if they would like to indulge in an activity. If your interest is bent on going out for a fancy date, do something fun before meeting them. This will help you relax, and you will be a little more prepared for the first date. 


Since you are an introvert, we know it can be challenging for you to 'meet' the person in real. The best way to go about it is to be yourself and take a keen interest in what your interest likes to do. 


Concluding Thoughts


We hope that this quick guide helped you come out of your shell and join a dating site/app. 

Don't wait for a week or a month. Now is the time to meet someone new! Nobody is asking you to marry the first person you meet. Online dating can help you build confidence, and it will also get you closer to your dream of finding the right person. 

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