Kik Usernames
8 months ago

Kik is a social platform like no other. While in principle operating in a way similar to other international messaging apps, Kik remains the most privacy-sensitive social platform. With just a username, an email address, and a password you can get yourself Kik-ing. Yes, that is it. Phone numbers are not mandatory. And who said you must use your primary email that is connected to your other dealings? You don’t have to.

While other platforms are rushing to get all your private data, Kik’s approach is different as it gives you a level of anonymity. Kik users have unlimited freedom in selecting their Kik usernames and unlike other platforms where your profile is public, you will only interact with Kik-ers who have your username. Your username can be anything from your pet name, your nickname to a combination of characters that you can easily remember. That is just how easy it can be.

Kik is the place to have fun

You will find Kik interesting especially if you are looking to have fun. You can send and receive images anonymously or join public groups to discuss a topic of interest with like-minded people. And when you are a little bored you will find Kik sexting useful. Maybe you want to improve your esteem by finding someone you can express yourself to or you are looking for a casual relationship. It is not limited to just that, you can organize meetups with your contacts and nobody knows the end of the possibilities you will have at hand. There is no limit to what you can do.

On a day to day basis, people are getting satisfaction by just using their phones. While it may not always be possible to have her or him next to you throughout the day, you will always have your phone within reach. Nothing should make you feel lonely when you have the power of Kik sexting just a click away. Get on the phone and keep the conversations going.

Selecting and finding usernames on Kik

To get conversations coming to your direction, you should select an appealing username for yourself besides having an image on your profile. How do you select an appealing username? Well, your username should at least reflect who you are or what your profile represents. Not particularly your real name unless you will not be using it 'to have fun'.

Now you are a member, how will you find other users?  There are several options; you can find Kik usernames for popular profiles from online sources, you can ask your friends for their Kik usernames, and a little search on the web can easily give you matches in the thousands.

The Conversation

When using Kik, it is important to make your conversation worthwhile and show other parties that you are in it together. If it is your first conversation with them, you should make your intentions clear and leave them yearning to talk to you again– or even to see you in person. And how do you do this? There are several ways to maintain an interesting conversation with other Kik users but the best is to remain simple and realistic if you want to meet the person on the other side one day. Apart from that, many people are wowed by surprises. Craft a teasing message for your contact when they don’t expect it. Keep them thinking about you if you can. You can get a little sneaky and tell them ‘who you are’. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Even when you have little to say, do not keep them waiting for a response. You can create fantasies and get to live them one day, who knows? Good luck!

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