How To Make Good Use Of Snapchat Features?
8 months ago

Snapchat continues to be one of the best platforms for celebrities and the youth to share a snippet of their life. We find that Facebook and Instagram imitate Snapchat's cool features like the 'disappearing stories.'


There are some more hidden features of Snapchat that we would like to highlight in this article. Since most of you already know the features, we will tell you how you can make fair use of them. Let's take a quick look at what Snapchat has in store for social media lovers! 


Finding the Celebrities, You Are Crushing On


Most of the celebrities are using Snapchat. Youth icons post stories regularly. Instead of typing each name, you can go to the search box of Snapchat and type 'official.' 


You will find all the official accounts, and it all starts with 'celebrities.' Well, it is possible you might not find the celebrity you are looking for, but it still gives you a sneak peek of who all are accessible on Snapchat. 

Check Out the Subscriber Count 


Snapchat took a little inspiration from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Your friends can view the subscriber count. But that's if YOU wish to showcase it to others. However, this feature is available for content creators and business accounts. 


If you are a regular user of Snapchat, you will notice that they are putting in the effort to make the platform fun and engaging. 


Add 'Sounds' To Your Snapchat Stories


Wouldn't it be nice if you could add music to every activity that you perform? Let's put it this way: Snapchat has cool new features that allow you to add 'music' to your snaps. 


You can choose the songs from a catalog. These include songs from global and local artists. 

However, this is accessible for iOS app users. Let's say you are putting a snap with your pet. You could add music to the video or a quick snap. This will make the snap appealing and cute! 


Make the Bitmoji Look like You 


Snapchat added different skin tones, hair colors, accessories, and facial features to give a personal touch to Bitmoji. You can now create a replica of yourself by choosing the exact skin color, hair color, and facial features. It is an attempt to make the application inclusive! 

Since people from different parts of the world are using the application, it is essential to add various facial features and skin color. There is no discrimination on the Snapchat platform! 


The Power Rests In Your Hands 


As you are aware, messages to friends get deleted after both parties have read it. But, now you have the power to choose whether these messages should get deleted after 24 hours or right after reading them. 


Moreover, you can choose to share your location with others or keep it hidden. In a nutshell, the power rests in your hands. You can choose to be discreet, or you can share your location with your friends and family members. 


The Newest Feature: Spotlight


So, once again, Snapchat took inspiration from TikTok and introduced a new feature called 'Spotlight.' This feature allows the users to create format videos and earn money. 


Well, it is a good initiative for those who want to showcase their talent. It has a close resemblance to TikTok, and the users are getting gaga over it. 


Concluding Thoughts


Snapchat is a wonderful space for the youth and older people too. You can follow celebrities, take cool videos of yourself, use uncanny and beautiful filters, or even find a date near you. 

It allows you to showcase your hidden talent. Moreover, shy people can meet new people without being judged. 


So, go ahead and make good use of the Snapchat filters. They are not just fun but highly engaging and interactive. 

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