How to Find Other Snapchat Users
8 months ago

Snapchat is a big platform with more than 210 million users worldwide. Because of that, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of people becoming friends through this picture messaging app. The 10-second photos and videos give a sense of privacy, while the stickers, filters, and other effects help to create a fun and youthful look. As people from all around the world connect to each other, it’s helpful to know how to find new people on Snapchat and how to make friends. However, before you do so, it’s essential to figure out what you want from your Snapchat experience.

What are you looking for?

Making friends doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to be compatible. With more than 210 members of Snapchat, there will be plenty of people to befriend. However, you do need to find out what types of people you want to snap with. We’re here to help you!


Firstly, you need to make a list of information about yourself. What’s your age, what are your hobbies, dreams, interests, skills, etc. You don’t need to be elaborate as this list is for your eyes only, just write down some keywords that will help you remember them.

Then, make a list of the types of people you admire, enjoy being with, or the kinds of people you are looking for. What’s the ideal age category for them? Do they need to have the same hobbies, or are you looking for people with different interests?


Compare the two lists and look for things that make you compatible. Maybe you’re looking for someone in your age category, but with a different hobby. Or perhaps you want to look for someone with the same talents, but don’t mind what age they have. Everything is possible! Now it’s time to start searching for new Snapchat usernames to add.

Where to find Snapchat users

There are plenty of platforms to find and connect to other Snapchat users. The main one being Snapchat, of course. Here are some excellent platforms you can find other Snapchat users.



Tumblr is a social media platform on which people can create blogs with pictures, text posts, or more. It’s used by a lot of digital and traditional artists, photographers, students, plant fanatics, and fanbases. If you look for the tag “Snapchat” or “Snapchat username,” you’ll find a lot of people opening up to new Snapchat friends or Snapchat flirting. Before adding them, you can look at their profile to see if their interests match yours.



Like Tumblr, Twitter is a social media platform. Here, however, people don’t start blogs, but they send out tweets about their opinions, daily life matters, or interests. Looking for fellow Snapchat users works the same as on Tumblr. You simply have to search for the “Snapchat” tag and add people. Here too, you can check their profile to see if it matches your interests.


Instagram and Facebook

While these apps work differently than Twitter and Tumblr, they are also part of the leading group of social media platforms. Here, people can post “stories” in which they share Snapchat usernames. If you want to get to know the username of someone who hasn’t published them yet, here are some tips for approaching them about it.

Four steps to adding Snapchat friends

Step 1. Send a friendly message.

Start with a greeting and something sincere, like “Hey, I really like the photos you post. I like [similar interest] too!”

Step 2: Wait for a reply.

Not everyone is always online, so it’s best to wait for a reply before starting your next message. Most people will react with a “Thank you!” message. When someone doesn’t reply, it’s best to leave it as they are probably not interested in having contact with others.

Step 3: Ask about their Snapchat name.

Tell them you are looking for Snapchat friends and if they would like to share their usernames so you can add them. Again, be polite and honest. Many people like having new Snapchat friends, so they will probably send their username to you. If not, they may prefer to stay within a group of people they know in real life. Don’t take it personally and move on to the next one.

Step 4: Add them on Snapchat.

If they did send their username, it’s now time to add them to your list. Open up Snapchat and open the “add friends” window. Then, you can search by username and fill in their name. All you have to do is tick the symbol behind their name, and you’ve now added a new friend!

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