How to Find a Date on KIK: The Ultimate Guide
8 months ago

There was a time when people met their prospective companion on a bus, train, concert, through friends and family. Sometimes, they got lucky and found their partner in a college setting or school. Blessed are those who find love 'naturally.' While it is still a possibility, meeting people in a bus, train, flight, or a bar has become rare.

Dating has become simpler, and the credit goes to apps like Snapchat, Tinder, and KIK. Speaking of KIK, let's give a quick introduction to this wonderful application.

About KIK - The Instant Messaging Application

KIK is a lot like Whatsapp. But, it also gives you the option to join groups/communities. You can create your group.

If your contacts are on KIK, you can add them to your little world and send them instant messages. Overall, we believe that instant messaging makes life easy. You do not have to wait for a message to pass through. Can you imagine how people waited for a simple marriage proposal reply? Earlier, people would wait for a response for several days and weeks. The letter would reach you in a week or two. But, instant messaging apps like KIK have bridged the gap.

Is it a dating application?

KIK is not a dating app, but it is a great way to meet new people. Yes, there are dedicated dating apps that extort a lot of money for you to find someone 'special.' While it DOES work for most people, not everyone can afford the price.

Finding love should be a natural process. Many young people have turned to Instant Messaging apps like KIK. That's because it offers you the experience of chatting with people without incurring a hefty cost. It is free, open, and does not have any restrictions.

Anybody can join regardless of where they live.

The question is - How to find a date on KIK? We will tell you some of the simple ways to find a date on this wonderful application.

The Art of Finding a Date on KIK

Whatsapp does not have groups or communities, but KIK is unique. You can do a lot more on KIK. You can sell and buy things, chat with people across the globe, and even share media clips.

The makers of KIK never had the intention to be a hookup application. But, people around the world, used it to find a love interest.

The best way to find a date or a friend is to join a public cluster. But, before that, make an alluring profile. After all, you will be attracting the opposite/same sex through this profile.

You can also start your own public group/cluster. Give it a catchy name so that people on KIK can find you and join the group.

Two KIK tools allow you to find a date. Open the KIK browser and type, 'match.' You will find, 'Matcher', and 'Match & Chat' in the search results.

Matcher and Match & Chat allow you to link the KIK profile to the website. In a nutshell, it functions the same way as Tinder.

Note: If you don't wish to get KIK-ed out of a chat room, be respectful to other participants/members.

Concluding Thoughts

Did you find what you were looking for? Not everyone heads to the bar to find a love interest. Perhaps you want to meet new people, become friends, and take things slow.

KIK is a great application to send quick messages and even finding a date. So, go ahead and make a profile. Choose a stunning picture to attract the ladies/men!

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