Can I Find Love on Online Dating Apps?
8 months ago

Online dating is slowly overtaking traditional dating. However, a significant percentage of people plying on this route are not actually after love. Like the convenience dating apps and traditional websites provide, people are looking for easy hookup opportunities. In other words, people looking for love have to be cautious, or otherwise, they may board a rocking boat. But not everyone is after easy stuff. With the right mindset and just enough patience, you can get a loving partner through apps like Tinder, Happn, and Coffee Meets Bagel, among others.

The convenience of dating apps

  1. Ease of use - We live in a generation where most people find it easier to interact with a mobile application than a website. The case is the same when comparing dating websites to dating apps. Further, compared to the traditional (offline dating), it much better.
  2. Ease of starting conversations - Online dating gives you the chance to initiate a conversation with the people you like regardless of your situation. Furthermore, with online dating apps like Tinder, you can quit the conversation before meeting the prospective partner in person.
  3. Reduces overthinking and prejudice - Online dating apps usually allocate each user a limited space for a few photos and a generic profile with scanty details. The limited profile information reduces your chances of overthinking and eliminates prejudgments. Therefore, you approach your partner without preconceived ideas. You get to know the prospective partners and perhaps get love in the process.
  4. Chances for more dates - Dating apps give you the chance to interact with hundreds of people. Whenever you are looking to get into a serious relationship, you will want to go on several dates with different people before making your selection.
  5. Limits on contacts - With many of the dating apps readily available in app stores, you have control over who can contact you. Many apps provide a means to show interest in other users, and you can use this as a limit.


How to find love using a dating app?

Whether you use Plenty of Fish, Bumble, or any other top freight dating app, finding love in these streets will require patience and a cautious eye. For instance, you must have a solid strategy and a clear definition of what you want in a partner. Below are some ideas that might help you get love­–and marriage in return–through dating apps.

  • Make your goal clear - Do not beat around the bush or shy away from saying that you want a marriage-minded partner. You don’t know how many sex predators you will put off with this.
  • Use a nice photo of yourself - With only a limited space to express who you are, a photo is an excellent communication tool. It can help attract a certain category of people while repelling others. You can always change your photo in the search for the desired result.
  • Try communicating outside the dating app - Yes, but approach this with caution because you may give unreliable people your contact details. If anyone is committed to a serious relationship, they would probably not oppose the idea of a phone call, or a text message outside the dating app. This is especially useful when you need to set up a date or meet up.
  • Don’t get stuck too quickly - We understand you are looking for love, but don't get tempted to stick with a particular partner too early. It would help if you met several people before making up your mind.

We hope understanding the convenience of dating apps and applying our tips on finding love on dating apps will change your view of things. All in all, you will only learn if you can try a dating app.

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