Best way to Find Kik Nudes
8 months ago

One thing that Kik guys fail terribly on when it comes to sexting is to start the conversation with ‘Send Nudes.’ It is undoubtedly a turnoff, which most people hate. As a result, you might scare them off. However, we understand that asking for nudes is not an easy task. But it does not have to be a hard one either; you need to know how to ask without sounding like a creep. You also need to turn on the other party in the process. Luckily, in this guide, we will teach you the best way to find Kik nudes through KikSext. Continue reading to discover how you can do so.

Find Kik Nudes Using KikSext

KikSext is a new platform for all the kik guys and women out there. You can find nudes easily on this platform through the following steps:

  1. Start by creating an account. You can only chat with the girls or guys after you have registered.
  2. Next, log in to your new account and tap on ‘ Kik Nudes’
  3. Choose your preference (Kik girls, Kik guys, Kik Trans, Gay Kik, Lesbian Kik)
  4. Scroll down the results and pick a username that you like and start chatting

How to Approach Kik Users?

Now that you have created an account and have found the person you would like to chat with, you need to know how to start the conversation. It would help if you began to slow to avoid being blocked. No one likes the first message from a stranger to be ‘Send me your nudes.’ That is why it is vital to try as much as possible to control your horny side. Try to make the other person comfortable with you first before asking for naked pics. So which is the best way to get nudes? Below are some useful tips.

1.     Try to Initiate Sexting

There has to be a build-up for one to send you a nude. It means you have to put in some little effort and try to turn on your partner. The best way you can do this is to kick off with some hot sexting. Once the other sextor feels fired up enough as you, and then you might end up receiving a nude or two. Remember that you are all human beings (unless you are chatting with a bot), so no need to be a creep.

2.     Be Yourself

You do not have to act cool to receive nudes. Some of these people want to enjoy your company and interact with the real you. So no matter how sexy or horny you feel, or how weird your fantasies are, do not be ‘that guy,’ but instead, be yourself. Everything else will fall in place.

3.     Be Aware of Trolls and Bots

One way you can notice a bot is that they might not answer some of your questions. Moreover, they tend to get sexual earlier than expected. On top of bots, you should be aware of trolls. These are just people who want to embarrass you or shame your body. Some are conmen who wish you to send them money to get nudes that are not theirs. So make sure to ask some questions first before you continue sexting.

4.     Give Some Compliments

Sending nudes can be nerve-racking for a Kik girl. She might send them only if she feels safe with her body or that she is hot. So make sure you make compliments regularly. Tell her how you wish you were hers. Tell her she looks super hot. Build her confidence, and she will feel comfortable to share nudes with you.


Finding nudes should not be a daunting or impossible task. However, remember that nudes are personal, and you should be ready to put in extra effort to receive one.

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