5 Popular Snapchat Adult Influencers
8 months ago

In recent years, influencers have become the core of social media marketing, and Snapchat has not been left behind. Like with other platforms, Snapchat adult influencers can help you reach your marketing goal in a matter of hours. And how do they work? Often, there are forces behind the voices you hear and the faces you see. In other words, adult influencers do not work alone. These people represent brands­–different brands sometimes. Remaining relevant becomes complicated when you have to talk about different things every time. However, those who have made it through the hurdles make significant gains.

Here are some of the most popular Snapchat adult influencers you may want to follow or contact to help with your campaign.


Casey Neistat

This guy stands out from the millions of influencers out there much because he is good at telling stories. Yes, stories are a good way to communicate ideas, and people follow stories more than anything else on social media. You can check him on Snap @caseyneistat. Just so you know, he was the brain behind the iPod's Dirty secrets viral video that later led to the development of an HBO TV series. He must have made good returns from that, don't you think?


Elizabeth Koshy

Liza, as many call her, has remained a top adult influencer for several years in a row now. She’s perhaps better known for her role in Freakish­–a Hulu original drama series. Liza Koshy boasts a large Snapchat following, and the Times listed her as one of the most influential people on the internet in 2019. She has a good taste for comedy and uses that to talk about society. Besides Snapchat, she also has a well-doing YouTube channel. Liza’s Snapchat handle is @lizakoshysnaps.


Evan Garber

Evan is an engineer by profession. However, he has chosen to abandon that career line and now works as a full-time social media influencer. He has a widely followed Snapchat account. Garber has done several snap gigs for popular companies, including McDonald's, Disney, Major Soccer League, and the NBA, to mention but a few. He is also instrumental in a partnership with AT&T for the creation of the Snapper Hero series. You can teach Garber through his snap username @emgarber.


Ariel Martin

Ariel started first came to the light of social media through her TikTok account, which has since amassed 30 million followers­–at the time of writing. On her Snapchat account, she has a significantly high following, especially due to her strong stand against social media bullying. @arielxrebecca is her Snapchat, and the people magazine recognized her #ArielMovement and #HackHarrasment­–both initiatives fight for clean social media interactions.

Besides being a social media influencer, Ariel has worked as a singer and an actress.


Sommer Ray

By posting her workout videos and images of her body, she has become a preferred Snapchat influencer to many. Her social media accounts have more than 18 million followers, and her Snapchat content receives high interactions in minutes. It is evident that many people like what she does. She is still a member of the Clout Gang, with which she makes YouTube videos often. She encourages and motivates many snap users to work out and keep a fit body. You can reach Ray through her Snap username @sommerrayy.


While the list of top Snapchat adult influencers is endless, we have narrowed down to only five. We believe this article will give you a head start finding the best Snapchat adult influencer for your marketing gig. Perhaps the best part with influencers is that most of them are entertainers rather than marketers. For this, they have a way with words that a brand or marketing agent would never achieve.

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